say no

See: challenge
References in classic literature ?
I should undoubtedly be offended by such proceedings at home, because there they are not the custom, and where they are not, they would be impertinencies; but in America, the only desire of a good- natured fellow of this kind, is to treat his guests hospitably and well; and I had no more right, and I can truly say no more disposition, to measure his conduct by our English rule and standard, than I had to quarrel with him for not being of the exact stature which would qualify him for admission into the Queen's grenadier guards.
She adds that women will often choose not to say No when someone's feelings are at stake.
That may very well be the case, but from reading articles about the gruesome murder, I believe behind the "love victim" label is the inability to just say NO.
Owain's story is proof, if proof is needed, that the old campaign motto of "just say no to drugs" never worked and never will.
Their words are worth more than a hundred "just say nos".
And we also have to wear the corporate finance hat to recognize that we have a duty to the corporate finance function to do things right, to stand up for what has to be done, and to say no when no is the appropriate thing to say.