say yes

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You may talk nineteen to the dozen -- I shall write to my friend and say Yes, in Frank's interests, by to-day's post."
Mamma shakes her head; and Miss Garth looks daggers; and Norah's as sulky as usual -- but if you say Yes, they must all three give way and let me do as I like.
"Then I say yes," said Stryver: "I won't go up there now, I am not so hot upon it as that comes to; I say yes, and I shall expect you to look in to-night.
Morris"; she pleaded for permission to take her first lesson immediately; she clasped her hands--"Please say Yes!"
"I can't say Yes, till you have complied with the rules."
I thought to myself indolently, "If I say No, she will only return to the subject again, and she will end (after all I owe to her kindness) in making me say Yes." Before I could answer her she had realized my anticipations.
The new series of Say Yes to the Dress is looking for brides-to-be to take part - and Monklands locals could be in with a chance of appearing on the hit show.
Last month, I shared the value I found in my mother's advice to "Just say yes."
So I invite you to ask yourself what you might say YES to in your life today.
I am a sufferer of the fairly common affliction of people-pleasing; feeling that I should say yes to everything.
And she told how she finally plucked up the courage to say yes to show producers, after turning them down the previous two years.
We say yes when we mean no for many reasons: to impress, to avoid conflict, to be nice, to conform, or because we feel helpless.