say yes

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You may talk nineteen to the dozen -- I shall write to my friend and say Yes, in Frank's interests, by to-day's post.
Mamma shakes her head; and Miss Garth looks daggers; and Norah's as sulky as usual -- but if you say Yes, they must all three give way and let me do as I like.
Then I say yes," said Stryver: "I won't go up there now, I am not so hot upon it as that comes to; I say yes, and I shall expect you to look in to-night.
I can't say Yes, till you have complied with the rules.
I thought to myself indolently, "If I say No, she will only return to the subject again, and she will end (after all I owe to her kindness) in making me say Yes.
She added: "As a matter of fact I could barely let you finish proposing, I said - can I say yes now?
SAY Yes To The Dress is heading to Ireland - and they're looking for bridesto-be to take part.
That's how I started getting great stories from Jessyca--because I found a way to say yes to the customer.
Lisa Gersh, CEO of the wellness company Goop, argues her success came from learning to say yes when, "People pitch ideas all the time, I find that others in the room can often want to say no and talk about why it's not a good idea.
Thanks to a state funding announcement on Tuesday, the Say Yes to Education initiative has achieved its $30 million target of becoming a "self-perpetuating" fund.
The effort is part of the district's recent partnership with Say Yes to Education, a nonprofit that also works communitywide in Syracuse and Buffalo, New York, to provide scholarships and social services.
By inference Mr Woodhead enjoins us nimbys to say yes to fracking, but does not mention its alleged effect on water supplies.