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between speech and painting, between the sayable and the visible, which gave "imitation" its own specific space.
As Prosser writes, "Metaphors may kill but they also make some things sayable and bearable.
Namely, Stoics posit beside the corporeal signifier (voice or letter), the corporeal signified, and the respective pneumatic (and as such corporeal) state of mind engendered in the listener or reader in the process of signification, as a fourth component the incorporeal sayable or thinkable content of the expression--a kind of conceptus objectivus, to use the language of scholasticism.
Escher's architectural drawings: drawable or sayable, but impossible' (135).
Although the business of poetry is to enlarge the sayable, I cannot describe or even relate what I felt.
Politics, Himes knows, is a matter of what Jacques Ranciere calls the "distribution of the sensible"--the parcelings of speech and noise, the sayable and the unsayable, the visible and the invisible, that delimits any given political configuration.
Literary texts, moreover, can constitute the "kind of saying that takes place on the border of the unsayable," a saying that in unsettling our perspectives and identities allows us to "think about worlds that might one day become thinkable, sayable, legible" (Butler 41).
On the other hand, by eliminating potential from language, meaning is rendered transparent and static, everything becomes absolutely sayable.
Strategic effectiveness was derived from humor: surprised in the act of laughing, readers were encouraged to question the sayable, the normal, the taken for granted.