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And while he says he thinks more cities will want increased financial accountability from schools and more oversight, he's not certain mayoral control over school districts will sweep the nation.
He says he believes that businesses will see that certification can help their bottom-line by looking at them as one example.
He says he asked his boss at Octavo Designs in Frederick, Maryland, whether he could take part of that afternoon off to go hear Bush and to try to ask him a question or two.
Plee, who says he still finds himself attracted to women, says biphobia is most often a reflection of an uncertainty gay people feel about their own sexual orientation.
Kiyomi says he was supposed to return last April but couldn't bear the thought of it.
Most importantly, Johnson says he can now say that without fearing shame or ridicule.
He says he hopes organisms with a different genetic code can help astrobiologists distinguish between the planetary equivalents of oak and pine forests to root out alien species.
He admits that there are people who can't handle the store but says he hasn't received any flak from the neighborhood.
Peter says he and his colleagues in the industry are trying to work in uncharted territory.
He says he thinks the market is moving toward tracked crushing plants because they are highly mobile and can be quickly moved among the piles of material on a site, expediting the project.