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Well, child,' says she, 'but though you can't work housework, as you call it, you will learn it in time, and they won't put you to hard things at first.
But,' says she, 'that will not keep you and buy you clothes too; and who must buy the little gentlewoman clothes?
Here," says she, "you have brought us into a fine quandary indeed.
Why, husband," says she, "would any but such a blockhead as you not have enquired what place this was before he had accepted it?
The Story Girl came very near to keeping her resolution to have all the good times possible, but she says she missed two, if not three, she might have had.
Yes; Jane says she is sure they will; but yet, this is such a situation as she cannot feel herself justified in declining.
What do you think o' that,' says she, `for an old maid's child?
says she, and had no sooner set the meat before us, than she touched me on the shoulder with a little friendly touch, as much as to bid me cheer up.
she blushes, and says she never said anything so common, or hoots
Sometimes," says she in a low voice, as if she was frightened at her own fancy, "sometimes, Mr.
She says she has been dreaming of me for some nights past, and the dreams have made her fear that her long silence has caused me more distress on her account than she is worth.
says she, 'I'll claw his face for'n, let me only catch him