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A pejorative term used colloquially in reference to a nonunion worker who takes the place of a union employee on strike or who works for wages and other conditions that are inferior to those guaranteed to a union member by virtue of the union contract.


Labor Union.

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Within a month Swansea's William the Scabby was well enough to make a pilgrimage to Bishop Thomas' tomb in Hereford and some years later, in 1320, the cleric was declared a saint, William the Scabby's survival having been judged a miracle.
His Majesty the King expressed honour in presenting the Saudi Monarch with Imam Turki bin Abdullah Al Saud's "scabby sword", which was kept by Bahrain for about 140 years since it was entrusted by the late Imam Saud bin Faisal Al Saud with the great grandfather His Highness Shaikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa.
He had short dark hair, a scabby and spotty mouth, and wore a dark jacket, tracksuit bottoms and white trainers.
When I was a kid we all had scabby knees, black eyes and grazed elbows but it never did us any harm.
Give yourself a manicure and pedicure - no yukky toenails, scabby skin or chipped nail varnish should be trotting to a party in gorgeous slinky sandals.
Under the team name of 'The Simpletons', our rivals included 'Boxed Up', 'The Weakest Link' and 'Scabby Mongrels'.
Algin Scabby Robe (Black Lodge Singers), one of today's leading pow-wow singers and songmakers, presents his own collection of contemporary round dance songs.
A photocopied brochure containing the artist's deadpan descriptions served as a guide: The photo-and-text poster work Scars, 2003, is explained by "Pictures and stories about scars belonging to people who I met in a probation office lobby in Portland, OR." Though the twenty-by-twenty-four-inch digital prints of cauterized wounds and scaly skin exude a harsh, scabby reality, the stories are warm and folksy.
It is another blow for Australia's A$1 billion (about US$723,000 million) livestock export industry after a shipment of 57,000 sheep spent 11 weeks at sea recently after being rejected by Saudi Arabia, which claimed they were infected with scabby mouth disease.
The Dutch-owned MV Cormo Express left Kuwait in the early hours of yesterday having spent the past 70 days afloat in the Middle East since the sheep's rejection on the grounds too many were suffering from a disease called scabby mouth.
The telltale symptom of cutaneous anthrax is a large sore with a black, scabby center.