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A pejorative term used colloquially in reference to a nonunion worker who takes the place of a union employee on strike or who works for wages and other conditions that are inferior to those guaranteed to a union member by virtue of the union contract.


Labor Union.

See: pariah
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Hours after he set out, the young boy caught up with his mother, and Attacked Toward Home and Many Names were forced to turn around and return to Scabby Bull's camp, where all agreed the best solution would be to rake both the boy and his grandfather with them to live among the Blackfoot people.
Some raisers use a cotton swab, such as the Q-tip, to remove the scabby residue from the ear.
The vessel proceeded to Bahrain where during the veterinary inspection a small number of animals were found to have minor lesions of a common viral infection known as Scabby Mouth.
Two years ago I was playing for Tynecastle Boys Club against Leith Athletic at Leith Links, wearing old scabby boots on a rough pitch.
THE strange story of deadly charlatan Baron Spolasco, the incomplete hanging of William the Scabby and tales of tsunamis, slums, cholera and Nazi bombs.
A scabby kick from Ian Bennett has gone along the ground and back on through.
If I get a scabby fiver or tenner in change from a taxi driver, I find the nearest bank and get them to give me a new one.
Described as the "world's ugliest bird", the chick has a bald, scabby head, huge bill and a taste for carrion.
Taxi arrives so does a total lowlife and his scabby sidekick girlfriend.
the April 1) this as the for a up are I firmly believe that something radical has got to be done quickly before we end up as a scabby third rate non entity state.
Give yourself a manicure and pedicure - no yukky toenails, scabby skin or chipped nail varnish should be trotting to a party in gorgeous slinky sandals.
is the 22nd album of award-nominated drum group Black Lodge, lead by Kenny Scabby Robe and comprised primarily of his twelve sons.