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pectinata from China and found that the scabrous pen shell clearly differed from the other 3 types of A.
Glume II average hairy in the margins and scabrous to the apex.
3-1 mm long), often other spikelets peduncled, forming 2-3 subcontiguous fascicles, the peduncle ascending, compressed-trigonous to more or less terete, smooth or slightly antrorsely scabrous distally; the complete inflorescence 0.
McKenna's 'evidence' derives largely from the strongly suspect, scabrous, unpublished memoirs of that arch-fraudster, Sir Edmund Trelawny Backhouse.
One unhappy consequence of this is that secular and liberal critics often watch what they say, thus leaving the field to fundamentalist Christians, who often attack Islam in the most scabrous and abusive terms.
When I do write about Hollywood as a company town, my writing is often quite scabrous.
In one of the story's many scabrous anecdotes, the nose of the title was reputedly used by its owner as a sexual tool, and it appears phantasmagorically at the end of the story, like a Gogolian apparition, pressed against the narrator's taxi window, as he reflects on his fate, "doomed to remain in the passenger's seat, as if locked in a time capsule.
Parents brought their kids to the theater and, on ancient ritualized cues, yelled out the most scabrous things at me and the cast.
Stilt-walkers have tiptoed through the conceptual entanglements of Duchampian art, and scabrous clowns have paid homage to the absurd and dangerous visions of Beckett and Genet.
Hitler is described as `an infinitely more scabrous individual than Mussolini' (p.
They called him "the master," partly due to their awe of his peerless, sometimes scabrous wit--a weapon he unleashed liberally on friends and foes alike.
Service rooms and shopfronts are clad with copper panels that have been treated by acid to create a scabrous patina.