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A pejorative term used colloquially in reference to a nonunion worker who takes the place of a union employee on strike or who works for wages and other conditions that are inferior to those guaranteed to a union member by virtue of the union contract.


Labor Union.

See: pariah
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Infection is characterised by raised scab like crusts (How et al.
In laboratory experiments, the human cells involved in healing quickly attached to the membrane and lined up like those in actual scabs.
For us, the aim of the article was scab removal; it was not deemed necessary to expound upon a second topic that we considered common knowledge for anyone working in health care.
Conservative governments, in power at both state and federal level in the three states, promised the scabs preference and protection.
He suffered constant abuse from fans at away grounds who would shout scab after he defied pickets to work at the Monktonhall Colliery in Midlothian.
Hearst and Pulitzer think that they can break us by hiring more scabs.
A pre-school child should not return to nursery or playgroup until the scabs have fallen off and they are no longer contagious.
These outbreaks were likely introduced there by cotton imported from Egypt, where months before it had been contaminated with smallpox scabs (7).
Susanne Caro, the librarian at the College of Santa Fe's Fogelson Library, found the scabs in an envelope inside an 1888 book on Civil War medicine written by Dr.
If they start recruiting scabs, it's a declaration of war,'' said Miguel Contreras, arguably one of the most powerful men in Los Angeles as head of the county Federation of Labor.