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Object storage provides a new way of distributing and parallelizing file systems to support highly scalable configurations--precisely those needed by cluster computing systems.
I am delighted to announce the Universal Scalable Modulator - the fourth and newest addition to RGB's VIA product family.
Fortunately, object-based storage clustering offers a new approach to fill the expanding gap between Linux cluster growth and the lack of scalable data access.
IBRIX Fusion is a highly-available, scalable file serving solution that allows enterprise system administrators to build file systems that can scale to up to 100's petabytes of capacity in a single namespace, and provide up to one terabyte per second of aggregate I/O throughput performance independently and non-disruptively.
Applying a single, common, scalable platform that can be leveraged to efficiently build 1, 2, 4 or 10Gb Fibre Channel HBAs can make a major contribution to simplifying the complexity of SAN management and lowering the TCO of a SAN deployment.
This resulted in a more scalable solution, as much of the data ended up in shared memory for fast processing while maintaining a more linear degradation pattern.
EMX-Continuum: UMC used the EMX-Continuum software to create scalable capacitor and inductor models that have several important features:
With Trapeze Smart Mobile[TM] technology, we can confidently deploy a scalable indoor/outdoor wireless network with seamless mobility and integrated management," said Frank Basso, assistant director of communications at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.
0 software development kit includes a fully scalable, SmartHint-enabled stroke-based Simplified Chinese font, which supports the standard GBK Chinese character set of approximately 21,000 characters.
Scalable Software provides compliance management solutions that enable IT business executives to reduce the risk and cost of their IT environments.
The IBRIX software suite enables us to offer a high performing and massively scalable file storage solution to meet some of the most demanding customer requirements," said Marty Lans, Senior Director of Storage Networking at EMC.
Rapid7, provider of enterprise vulnerability management solutions, today announced a reseller agreement with Scalable Software (www.