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Wakefield MP Mary Creagh wants to see a change in the law so that thermostatic valves are fitted in all new and refurbished homes to prevent hot bath water scalding.
Toni and Kelsey Deacon were given children of courage awards by the X Factor team for overcoming horrific scalding injuries.
A GIRL of 14 threw a kettle of scalding water over her mum after she was grounded for going out without permission.
The findings have prompted British Gas engineers to hand out free bath thermometers to customers with children, to help remove the hidden dangers of scalding at bathtime.
A specialist Birmingham company has ensured that people can avoid the risk of accidental scalding in the bath or shower.
Scotland defender Broadfoot was inspecting two eggs he had just poached in his microwave when one of them blew up and squirted scalding hot water into his face.
A BABY girl suffered horrific burns after being immersed in scalding water.
Both are unfit for duty while recovering from their injuries, which include scalding and bruising.
Stephen, 32, of Swindon, was treated in a burns unit for scalding to his face and body.
Thirty-six victims of scalding cannot sue McDonald's over accidents caused by hot drinks, a High Court judge ruled yesterday.
Tests later showed that the mechanism had been faulty for months before a nurse lowered Mr Kilanowski into the scalding bath.