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If someone has a severe burn or scald they're likely to suffer from shock, because of the fluid loss, so they'll need urgent hospital treatment.
Hot drinks accounted for 55% of the scald injuries in young children, while for those aged between five and 16, hot water was responsible for half of the total number of scalds.
3 - 9), Safe Electricity encourages you to learn about scald prevention and water heating safety, as well as other electrical safety tips.
Use something clean and non-fluffy, like a cotton pillowcase, linen tea towel or cling film, to cover the burn or scald.
It can take a matter of seconds for a severe scald to be sustained, but the suffering can endure for many years.
For the purpose of modelling, and based on previous aerial photographs of the study area, it was estimated that the scalds at the site formed subsequent to 1945.
In 2002 five-year-old Holly Devonport, of Ryhill, near Wakefield suffered 55% scalds after accidentally falling into a hot bath.
Pathologist Dr Mark Egan said that death was due to bronchial pneumonia due to pressure sores and long-standing neurological impairment and added: "The findings of the post mortem show that the scalds did not contribute to the death.
Nicholas Parkhouse, a burns specialist from the Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead, West Sussex, said: 'At the Queen Victoria Hospital we advise that when a burn or scald occurs, the important thing is to act immediately to get cold water on to the affected area for at least ten minutes.
According to the National Safe Kids Campaign, most scalds occur while bathing.
AGONY Ken shows horrific scalds to his neck and back
Dementia sufferer Elizabeth Warrington, 85, who has been disabled from birth, suffered scalds to her hands and feet.