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Deutsche Bank (NYSE: DB) could scale back its operations in Italy.
The Labour cabinet member responsible for the unit, Coun Tahir Ali (Nechells), said the decision to scale back the business had been the ''most difficult of his career''.
NLB will also scale back operations in Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Italy and Serbia and sell its 41 percent stake in Banka Celje, the seventh biggest bank by assets in the former Yugoslav nation.
It is feared the Chancellor plans to further scale back the qualifying amount, following already deep cuts to EPR, which hit landlords sitting on property left empty during the slump.
US Department of Defense (DOD) may scale back Future Combat System.
Health chiefs said in May that they wanted to scale back emergency and other hospital services.
is set to have more room to develop its own ready-to-drink (RTD) tea brands in the United States after the company said it would scale back Beverage Partners Worldwide, its venture with Nestle.
During the opening months of his administration, Villaraigosa persuaded the neighboring cities to drop their suits by agreeing to scale back the project further to about $4 billion and capping annual traffic at 79.
Additionally, House Republicans who had signed on to a 2006 bill to scale back some of the law's most costly provisions were all re-elected to office.
Amended scale back ratio for excess Ordinary Shares tendered in the recent
Morpeth 11 bosses have told planning chiefs they would have to scale back plans to transform the town centre if DIY stores were built at Coopies Lane.
The discounter says it plans to scale back growth plans in 2007 and 2008.