scale down

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For retailers, the ability to increase or scale down business infrastructure without incurring disproportionate costs is crucial.
Although they're not yet sure how to do it, the researchers aim to scale down their system using micro- or even nanoscale parts to replace the beads, solder, and elastic thread, says Boncheva.
As she grows up and her priorities shift, she's had to scale down her business.
She has told her publishers she wants to scale down the huge publicity drive that accompanied her last bestseller.
led antiterrorism campaign will return to Japan for maintenance, which will scale down the force's assistance operations.
According to a Sempra spokeswoman, the company hasn't given up its distribution monopoly and continues to scale down its initial plan to cris-cross the province with pipe.
Technology has enabled law firms to scale down their cherished libraries and free-up space, according to many in the Manhattan legal community.
At least eight of Japanese banks in South Korea are preparing to scale down operations or pull out from the country this year, the English-language Korea Times reported Monday.
A row has broken out over plans to scale down the multi-million pound refurbishment of Birmingham's crumbling Town Hall.
Without going into extensive research at the cost of heading in the wrong direction, the primary approach was to scale down the test while keeping all the parameters the same.