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British businesses are missing opportunities to secure investment, grow and scale up because of misunderstandings in what investors are looking for, according to a new report published by Innovate UK.
The region's entrepreneurs are in a strong position to help others scale up, and by doing so create jobs.
EIB Vice-President Pim van Ballekom commented: "This InnovFin transaction will enable Every Angle to scale up operations quickly in a highly competitive market, thus also contributing to the creation of highly skilled jobs by supporting the companys expansion plan.
However a lack of new scale up businesses, and current market uncertainty risk the UK under-performing and could now harm growth, according to the Barclays Entrepreneurs Index.
The ultimail 65 & 95 support scales ranging from the 10lb integrated scale up to a 150lb interfaced external scale and access to international rates and a variety of mail classes, such as library mail, media mail and international.
The Galaxy's "ready for the future" scaleable architecture, allows users to purchase just the power they need and scale up as their infrastructure grows.