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Well, apparently sometime this month the company scaled back its operations to the point of closing its doors.
About one-third of the couples in the study scaled back by placing limits on the number of hours they worked.
As the Washington Post reported, the "Bush White House and the incoming Republican congressional leadership have scaled back their ambitious tax cut proposals and dampened expectations for an overhaul of Social Security.
While the majority of CEOs of America's fastest growing companies continue to be positive about the nation's economy, they have scaled back near-term growth estimates for their own companies, according to the latest Coopers & Lybrand "Trendsetter Barometer" survey, completed at the end of June.
Due to the flexibility that the SSL VPN solution offers MSHA employees, the agency's network managers have already scaled back the amount of time they spend providing remote access support.
The Bank of England has scaled back a loan programme, amid concerns that cheap mortgages could possibly harm the housing market, The Star Tribune has reported.
The company said it ``dramatically'' reduced capital expenditures from about $39 million in 2005 to a planned $12 million to $15 million in 2006, and scaled back planned store openings for the year
As a part of the reorganization, TCE also announced that is has scaled back its workforce by approximately 30 jobs to address current operational needs.
Global Banking News-5 March 2010-Citi says it has scaled back proprietary trading(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.
In the next three decades, many of his competitors and customers scaled back, left town or simply shut.
HAHT pursued an aggressive growth strategy in 2001 even as competitors scaled back in a shaken e-commerce marketplace.
SANTA CLARITA - A company planning a vast project in Canyon Country has scaled back its proposal, dropping some 240 homes and adding more parkland.