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It appears that Office 2013 has only been scaled down on tablets running Windows RT.
The rebuild may be scaled down from a pounds 350m to pounds 300m project because more health services will be provided in the community rather than a conventional hospital on government guidance.
hands, is not an inch less accomplished for being ever so slightly scaled down in production components.
A Tragedy": A tragedy of Shakespearean proportions / Scaled down for the suburbs and a cast / Of gifted amateurs: two "honors" kids, / Lovesick eighth-graders not long disappeared / For whom the worst was feared, and now is over, / Dragged up from the river, final words / Slipped under rocks impossible to miss: / My mother tried to break us up forever--/ Her mother
A police dig to find the remains of a murdered mother has been scaled down after the bones of a dog were found.
THE security measures surrounding this weekend's Drumcree parade will be scaled down this year, police said yesterday.
Modern auto pistols, when scaled down, are much easier to shoot than scaled-down revolvers.
But environmentalists argue Belo Monte should be scrapped, not scaled down, asserting that not even a downsized dam can be made economically or environmentally feasible.
In order to deal with these new demands on my time and attention," says Travis, "I've scaled down my company's operations, passing up international business and focusing on selling to fishermen, gardeners, and other local customers.
Twinshot Version His said to be retrofittable to all conventional machines, and the screw can be scaled down to handle shot sizes as small as 20 g.
This year's event was scaled down from last year's in that it didn't feature the panel discussions or seminars, but instead focused mainly on the music and skating.
New Year celebrations in Centenary Square will be scaled down