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The giant catfish, the world's biggest scaleless freshwater fish, is in danger of extinction and listed as an endangered species in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).
HENRY I's favourite food was lamprey - a long scaleless fish similar to an eel.
it that we knew wasn't there but still hoped there might be more & more desperately trying to find the breath to keep down to stay down as he tried to embrace what chains & tendrils & entanglements he cd find down there near the sea-weed & setting seines on the right-hand side of the sun of his brain with its ribbons & shadows lost sparks specks embers metastases eyes eyelids irises of light fireflies of sunset floating up from the dark & his dreaming of beaches w/ the sound of sand drifting into the forests of featherless fish scaleless birds coral white scavenger flesh on the boughs & the boulders of i: ron of seaweed
Emperors: These slow-swimming, large-size perciform fishes have canine teeth and are scaleless.
Diagnosis: Minute stout-bodied eleotrids with large ctenoid scales confined to posterior three-quarters of body (commencing after end of first dorsal fin but before origin of second dorsal fin), and no cycloid scales; head and body anterior to origin of second dorsal fin scaleless.
Although photography is implicitly a scaleless medium, I have always thought of my images as having a just scale, inherent color, and a particular surface.