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Joseocoris differs from all other genera of Ceratocapsini by the silvery, scalelike setae intermixed with patches of golden scalelike setae on the basal 1/3 of the clavus and corium, and the reduced structure of the male genitalia.
DISCUSSION: Randallophorus keys roughly to Sthenaridea in Schuh (1984, as Paramixia; 1991) and Schuh and Schwartz (1988) based on the shared lack of scalelike setal patches and bands on the hemelytra, the simple slender antennal segment II, the scattered scalelike pleural setae, and the simple, tubelike endosoma lacking an apparent gonopore.
Leaves opposited or whorled, scalelike to 3 subulate, evergreen; ovulate cones fleshy 3.
For some numbers McFerrin sang in facile, scalelike patterns in different languages with the audience, who scrambled to keep up.
Unique Characteristics: Stem has fiat sprays with scalelike overlapping leaves; also available preserved with glycerine.
Needle-leaved Deciduous--Woody gymnosperms (trees or shrubs) with needle-shaped or scalelike leaves that are shed during the cold or dry season; e.
In contrast, layering is compactly overlapping the same materials (usually leaves) in a scalelike pattern.