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SMACOs new piezoelectric scaler models, with or without an LED light, are available globally.
The thirty scaler ends were labeled, submitted into an electronic randomizer, and divided into three groups of ten: control, fine ceramic stone, and fine diamond-plated stone.
Specially designed to reach those tricky little gaps between teeth, a dental scaler effectively removes plaque, tartar and stains to keep teeth looking white.
Nidal Taha, Vice President of Z Scaler, said that he is excited to be working with T.
HQView projection scalers, scan convertors, switchers and processors
It claims LCC was negligent in failing to supervise her during Ritchie's cleaning, failing to properly instruct her on use of the scaler, and failing to intervene when the student injured Ritchie.
The HD-SDI to HDMI and HDMI to HD-SDI Scalers offer high-end scaling abilities that broadcast professionals will appreciate when integrating and testing audio/video systems.
Produced by insert injection molding around a stainless steel tube, the ResinEight scaler features a patent-pending interlocking mechanism that reduces the hoop stress created during the press fit of the metal cones and scaling tips.
A log scaler purposely undervalues logs by lying about the wood volume, species, or amount of defect.
The study found that the ability of the ultrasonic scaler to detoxify root surfaces was significant.
Hu-Friedy announces the results of an independent scientific study evaluatin the sharpness and edge retention of two dental scaler brands, EverEdge scalers and American Eagle XP scalers.