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Consequently, the animal has to compensate by scaling back its metabolism according to a 3/4 exponent.
Biomass," such as algae or bacteria colonies, can clog water lines and reduce efficiency just as scaling does.
The theory that the researchers published that spring explains 1/4-power scaling as a consequence of the inner architecture of organisms.
It is clear that many service providers will be addressing significant IP TV scaling issues over the next few years.
1 for a Complete Scaling and Sharpening Solution for Digital Photographers
1, released last month, is an image scaling plug-in for Adobe Photoshop that uses a patented, fractal-based algorithm to increase the size and resolution of images with a better retention of detail than other scaling methods available in Photoshop.
The Colorado School of Mines study is intended to document the ability of electrical ceramics water activators to reduce calcium deposits in boiler applications and remove pre-existing scaling in metal piping.