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It would make changes at many locations, including underground roster changes, revisions to its product portfolio and scaling back of some open pit mining, to better match its volume and coal quality to current market demand.
The bank is to hand restructuring chief, Rory Cullinan, the task of overseeing another major scaling back of its investment bank.
Many firms appear to be locked in wait-and-see mode, with some companies scaling back on all employment decisions against a backdrop of increasing uncertainty as a result of the eurozone crisis and wider global economic turmoil.
Somewhere, however, there is a point beyond which the scaling back incurs irreparable harm, harm beyond the human toll we've already agreed to accept.
Moreover, in such circumstances the town centre scheme would become less attractive from an investment perspective and Morpeth 11 Ltd would be forced to consider scaling back its implementation.
Many businesses are scaling back travel to avoid soaring fuel prices, the Washington Post's Keith L.
The exact level of scaling back has now been determined on the basis of the FAV
But according to Ishimaru, the commission has already been scaling back its litigation against companies accused of discrimination.
At least two different auto shredder operators--one located in Ohio, another in the Southeastern United States--are resigned to scaling back shredder operating hours in the near-term because of the scarcity of material.
The 2005-06 budget proposes scaling back the Senior Citizens Renters' Tax Assistance program by lowering the income threshold to $15,000 and below, rather than the current limit of $38,000, and reducing payments.
A shortage of wood supply has forced a scaling back of operations at Bowater's Ignace sawmill, says Sue Prodaniuk, spokesperson for the company.
The Center for Applied Linguistics and the National K-12 Foreign Language Resource Center in Iowa say many public schools have been scaling back of eliminating foreign language programs.