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Scammers are always looking to extend their repertoire of forcing unsuspecting motorists to have collisions and then claiming for bogus injuries.
He further noted that scammers would also advertise 'too good to be true employment offers.'
Scammers usually wait for such victims, and unfortunately, these gullible users are available in abundance in the country.
Scammers have adapted to changing technology by using more sophisticated tactics to target users online via phishing emails, phony websites and pop-up windows to gain access to computers.
The idea of the free review is that the scammers are posing as some sort of independent advisers, who can take a look at how your pension is currently performing and provide advice on how to bump up the size of the pot you'll be able to enjoy once you retire.
People are being conned out of thousands of pounds by scammers posing as HM Revenue and Customs staff.
This picture has now been used by the scammer several times - he sends it over alongside a picture of a smashed-up car, says he's been involved in a serious accident.
Julie McArdle, NatWest security manager, said: "Scammers are dogged in their attempts to get their hands on people's money and are always looking for new ways to get ahead.
EWEB said in a press release Tuesday that scammers posing as utility representatives are threatening to shut off customers' electricity in an hour or so unless they meet a "technician" in person at local parking lots and pay in cash.
Most scammers are very imaginative and manipulative and they know how to push the right buttons to produce the response they want.
Summary: When you are skimming your Facebook newsfeed, it’s often a split-second decision to hit the “like” button – so it’s no surprise that scammers are ...
The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), which revealed this data, also reckons that more than three-quarters of all scammers are either operating via cold-calls, or online methods.