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For vermilion snapper and scamp otoliths, two readers independently counted the increments for all fish.
Since it was a "systems" issue (satellites and terminal use must be carefully planned), using the SCAMP required a competent planner who was trained on the EHF communications planner tool to plan networks and build terminal images.
For example, a SCAMP for patients with a dilated aortic root examined the recommended practice of referring patients to a geneticist, and found that many referral visits weren't yielding significant new information.
Oculina coral spawning sites for scamp, gag and speckled hind groupers have been destroyed by trawlers after they were protected, but not monitored.
4DK also will demonstrate how its SCamp device engine enables context sensitivity in the device, creating new services as a result.
Scamp is the 40th dog Margaret has helped from the Dogs Trust Merseyside centre in Huyton.
We saw aggregations of hundreds of groupers, mostly scamp, gag and speckled hind with snowy and Warsaw mixed in.
QUIGLEYS carried off the Sir Jack Scamp Cup with an extra-time coup against AC Victoria.
The skipper was handed the present from the Royal Horticultural Society, which has been working with leading grower Ron Scamp for 15 years developing the newflower named the Undeb Rygbi Cymru or Welsh Rugby Union daffodil.
He said he believed 12-year-old Jack Russell Scamp and two-year-old border collie Ben had been stolen to order.
There is nothing like a spot of football to put an off-the-rails scamp back on the straight and narrow.