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James trained Scamper, and in 1984 at age 14 she rode him to win the World Championship in Barrel Racing.
Scamper was very mischievous and had to be watched carefully.
OPEN WIDE Loaded up with snowballs ATTACK A macaque armed with a huge snowball LUNGE One grabs at his playmate SCAMPER Time to retreat.
Birds, they are winging from tree to tree Building their nest to raise fledglings to be Flower heads bobbing in valley and lea For pollen rich kisses from butterfly and bee Field mice all nervous, scurry here and there Venturing out, but not far from their lair And rabbits go romping as far as they dare For foxes are hunting and a rabbit's good fare Trees thrusting upwards to bring forth their fruit Squirrels a scamper to gather their loot All creatures bringing their fruits to the fold To withstand the white pall, so cruel and cold.
The Black Eyed Peas were ushered from their trailers and squeezed into a van in a light-speed scamper that recalled The A Team.
Spens's leading essay is a quick scamper through the century's more interesting high points without, praise be to all the spirits of the Wild Wood, a single mention of Gertrude Jekyll.
Meanwhile, some members of Congress just pulled a doozy of a flip-flop, one that may just scamper down the memory hole thanks to our new definition of free speech.
The February 1st Tampa Tribune reported that Castellano laid on the girls in an attempt to protect them, then tried to hinder the dogs so the girls could scamper to a bedroom.
Copies of such a canine collection would surely scamper off the shelves of local bookshops.