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As regards the second of the predicates under scrutiny, the Collins English Dictionary defines scamper as the action of "running about hurriedly and quickly".
NASA supporters scamper for safety after police officers fired in the air to prevent chaos during the Maragoli Cultural Festival at Mbale Municipal Grounds, December 26, 2017.
Aided by sidekicks Scamper the rat (Buscemi) and Brain (Hayes), Igor attempts to unlock his creation's dark side.
Four years later, his school's enrollment has increased to over 300 and the studios hum with activity as girls in color-coded leotards and pulled-back hair scamper to classes.
Titus bested six other competitors in the event, in which five- to seven-year-olds cling to the backs of sheep as they scamper around the ring.
Without glue, suction, or claws, these lizards scamper up walls and hang from ceilings.
Copies of such a canine collection would surely scamper off the shelves of local bookshops.
Plans are for a robotic rover emblazoned with the RadioShack logo to scamper across the moon in 2003.
Clearly, the huge device is waiting for Philip Glass to create the first bridge concerto - it will be played by an ordered gymnastic troupe of children, who will surely enjoy the strange properties of the structure as much as those who now scamper across it undisciplined.
The topless Aeromax weighs in at just 1,100kg, courtesy of removable and stowable targa roof panels, and can crack sixty in 4.5 seconds and scamper all the way to 170.
Birds, they are winging from tree to tree Building their nest to raise fledglings to be Flower heads bobbing in valley and lea For pollen rich kisses from butterfly and bee Field mice all nervous, scurry here and there Venturing out, but not far from their lair And rabbits go romping as far as they dare For foxes are hunting and a rabbit's good fare Trees thrusting upwards to bring forth their fruit Squirrels a scamper to gather their loot All creatures bringing their fruits to the fold To withstand the white pall, so cruel and cold.
The Black Eyed Peas were ushered from their trailers and squeezed into a van in a light-speed scamper that recalled The A Team.