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And if you get a rock pile in the middle of that thick, hard bottom, that's usually a good spot for scamp.
Maisano said diversity is also a key indicator of a spot's scamp potential.
However, if you want to impress the larger scamp, put something live in their face.
According to Bullock, scamp stomach samples have turned up a lot of vermilion snapper (beeliners) and tomtates (spots).
The SCAMPs initiative is supported by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Tufts Health Plan, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and MassHealth through the Payer-Provider Quality Initiative at Boston Children's Hospital.
The SCAMPs program has been able to build clinically informed treatment paradigms for both complex and routine conditions," says Joel Rubinstein, MD, Medical Director for Network Medical Management and Behavioral Health at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, a health plan that has provided support to SCAMPs.
If clinicians want to do something different than what a SCAMP calls for, they have to explain why they're doing it differently," says Boston Children's Hospital Cardiologist-in-Chief James Lock, MD, a co-author on the paper.
For example, a SCAMP for patients with a dilated aortic root examined the recommended practice of referring patients to a geneticist, and found that many referral visits weren't yielding significant new information.
Over time, personnel changes and the failure to use and maintain perishable skills broke the continuity of expertise needed to sustain the skills required to operate the SCAMP.
Granted, the SCAMP is packaged in two large cases that may be a little cumbersome to jump with from the door of a C-130.
In any of these scenarios, the SCAMP can provide you protected voice and data links to get the job done.
The cost of employing a SCAMP is one SAR, (that's a Satellite Access Request, not a Saudi Arabian Riyal).