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Pyramid scams and get-rich-quick frauds pull in pounds 420 million a year from victims while fake foreign lotteries take pounds 260 million.
In 2005, wire transfers were the most common method of payment used by victims of Internet scams.
Dreams Foreclosed," a 2005 report by the National Consumer Law Center, was the first national study of foreclosure equity-stripping scams.
OFT deputy branch director Mike Haley told a scams conference in London: "It is not just about the pounds and pence that people have lost.
Phishing is the newest scam to hit the identity theft arena and is becoming what Microsoft Corp.
This month is also Scam Awareness Month and The Office of Fair Trading has launched a publicity campaign to make us all aware of dodgy practices being used to con us out of cash.
The scam artists place a large order, which is accompanied by a legitimate-appearing bank draft.
Unfortunately, these scam artists rarely face prosecution because courts traditionally have regarded the cases as civil in nature, and the complexity of the issues and the difficulty in establishing criminal intent needed for conviction prove challenging.
Visitors can also sign up to receive BBB Scam Alerts, weekly emails with the latest scams reported to BBBs across the country.
The outbound call effort, sometimes known as a "reverse boiler room" operation, is part of a partnership between the AARP Fraud Watch Network and state Attorney General's Offices and brings together volunteers from across New York and New England trained in coaching people how to spot and avoid scams.
In 2013, dating and romance scams moved to the top of financial losses with over $25 million reported lost - despite making up only three per cent of all scam reports to the ACCC.
We will provide free training in scams and dementia awareness for our volunteers.