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On another occasion he was rather scandalised at finding his sister with a book of French plays; but as the governess remarked that it was for the purpose of acquiring the French idiom in conversation, he was fain to be content.
He will be looking in particular at his novel La Terre (This Filthy Earth), written in 1887, looking at how Zola shocked and scandalised his contemporaries, from his depictions of sex and violence to his exposure of lies at the heart of the French political Establishment.
The scandalised "hushing" noise from 99% of the rest of us, had to be heard to be believed.
One of the mums told us that her daughter had been scandalised while staying with her older aunt down south.
If God sees and knows all things, and is scandalised by certain sexual behaviours, then what people do in the privacy of their homes, though it may not have the slightest implication for their behaviour in public, will still be a matter of public concern for people of faith.
The Archbishopric said in its announcement that it was "deeply saddened" that the flock was scandalised "by his abhorrent actions".
Speaking at the Association of Colleges annual conference in Birmingham yesterday, she said: "One of the things that scandalised me is the number of 16 to 18-year-olds who were not only not being encouraged, but being offered maths and English post 16 when they were on Level 3 courses, and might even believe that they would go on to university successfully, and did not have these GCSEs.
In the programme, aired on a Lebanese satellite channel, a man scandalised Saudis by describing an active sex life.
Founder of the museum Baroness Thyssen said: "I don't see why anyone should be scandalised.
Speaking as he and fellow West Midlands bishopS s issued a joint statement urging people to vote wisely in the European elections, the church leader said: "I've been absolutely scandalised by some of the stories of what is coming out - and I've felt like I don't want to vote either, or at least I don't know how to vote.
Former MP Alice Mahon, who has resigned from the Labour Party after more than half a century's membership, said: "I think that most decent people in the party would be scandalised by the smears about to be launched," she said.
The drug-taking cheat scandalised the nation with his infamous Hand of God goal which knocked out Bobby Robson's team from Mexico 86.