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SCANDAL. A scandalous verbal report or rumor respecting some person.
     2. The remedy is an action on the case.
     3. In chancery practice, when a bill or other pleading contains scandal, it will be referred to a master to be expunged, and till this has been done, the opposite party need not answer. 3 Bl. Com. 342. Nothing is considered scandalous which is positively relevant to the cause, however harsh and gross the charge may be. The degree of relevancy is not deemed material. Coop. Eq. Pl. 19; 2 Ves. 24; 6 Ves. 514, 11 Ves. 626; 15 Ves. 477; Story Eq. Plo. Sec. 269 Vide Impertinent.

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Jesus wants us never to scandalize anyone and uses hyperbole to bring home his message.
civil contempt; b) 'scandalizes the Court or otherwise does anything which tends to bring the Court or a Judge of the Court into hatred, ridicule, or contempt' i.e.
So here's the question: now that Schanbel has left Jebreal for the Danish supermodel May Andersen, 29, which top will his next film tackle and thereby scandalize Scandinavia?
Prime Minister Lee's lawyer Davinder Singh accused the Chees in court last week of intending to ''insult,'' ''annoy'' and ''scandalize'' and to turn the hearing into ''political theatre.''
The colorful reprints from the censored English underground mag Oz--co-edited by Felix Dennis, who has gone on to scandalize contemporary puritans by publishing skin-filled "lad mags" such as Maxim--alone are worth the price of Hippie.