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For the purposes of 'judicial contempt', the rationale for sacrificing freedom of speech, at the altar of contempt, finds justification in two disparate but connected ideas: 1) scandalizing or ridiculing a judge, especially casting doubts upon his or her integrity, erodes the confidence of litigants, and the public in general, in our seat of justice; and 2) a judge (any judge) by virtue of the limitations of office and the 'Judicial Code of Conduct', is unable to publicly respond to personal allegations, and thus needs protection in the 'marketplace of ideas'.
Aitzaz Ahsan said that the Supreme Court convicted Gilani for scandalizing the court which was not in the charges framed.
As Hubert Damisch writes, it was already observed in 1863, when this scandalizing work was first exhibited, that "the focal group of three figures in Manet's composition was a direct quote from a print that was well-known in artists' studios at the time.
ISLAMABAD -- Eminent PPP leader and the legal counsel of Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan on Thursday said that the apex court verdict was beyond scope of indictment and the premier was never charged for scandalizing the court.