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That leaves out all the scanned maps or aerial photographs that have no georeferenced information.
OneTouch eliminated the multiple steps that were usually required in sending scanned documents to an application by enabling users to set the destination of their images by pressing a button on the front of the scanner and selecting an already configured destination, such as: scan to email, scan to the printer (copying), scan to storage, etc.
For example, a bound volume may need to be scanned using a book scanner with the appropriate cradle or by using a device for face-up scanning at an angle with a digital camera.
A maximum resolution of 4800 x 9600 dpi resolution helps to ensure high quality photo scans, while the included software has the tools to correct and enhance scanned images.
It saves time by allowing batch scanning and provides for multiple employees to file documents previously scanned," according to Paul Markoff, Cabinet NG Coordinator, Comptroller of Maryland.
Since the DocuMate 152 enables scanning to searchable PDF, even scanned documents are instantly searchable by content along with all other "born digital" files.
SimpleSearch - Allows users to search and find scanned and digital documents via file name and meta data
The Scanning CAM represents a major departure from conventional microscopy systems in that it can perform detailed software analysis of scanned imagery from samples that would not fit into a typical microscope.
The LiDE 25 also comes with ScanSoft(R) OmniPage(R) SE* for OCR scanning and Arcsoft(R) PhotoStudio(R) software for organizing and editing scanned photos.
The integration of ScanSoft OmniPage enables users to easily set the destination of their scanned document, including scan-to-searchable PDF, scan-to-print, scan-to-archive, scan-to-network and scan-to-email.
Engineered to serve the high-volume data-capture and archival workflows for a wide variety of paper intensive image capture applications and environments, the new DR-7580 performs at up to 75 (simplex) scanned (ppm) and up to 150 (duplex) ipm , in both black-and-white and grayscale mode.
Without sacrificing document integrity, files can be digitally imported or scanned from hardcopy to be archived for powerful document management, searches and retrievals based on properties, dates, key words, languages and annotation.