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Under the system, users seeking access to the facilities in question swipe their smart cards in front of a traditional short-wave radio frequency reader for initial authentication, then immediately apply their fingers to a fingerprint scanner for a secondary read.
High-speed scanners are forecast to have a double-digit growth rate, with a 1999-2004 compound annual growth rate of 28.
Scanners require several different software programs: a scanner driver; a scan-management program, which acts like a central control station for your work; and an OCR program to turn documents into text that can be edited.
A single camera and laser pair are referred to as a scanner.
Another alternative is the full-size flatbed scanner, which is about as large as a desktop computer.
In addition to the bundle, Aldus and Hewlett-Packard will be participating in activities worldwide to co-market complete desktop solutions that include Hewlett-Packard's new scanner and Aldus' software product line.
New DocuMate 752, DocuMate 752 with VRS Pro, and DocuMate 632 with VRS Pro scanners include Kofax software to automatically produce perfect scans
2004 - 7200dpi film scanner, highest resolution on market
TWAIN allows users to control all scanner details and settings.
This Frost & Sullivan research service titled World Optical Digitizers and Scanners Market provides an overview of optical digitizers and scanners market revenues along with end-user and geographical analysis.
With Ranger, our customers now have a quick and comprehensive way of controlling the Addmaster scanner using an industry standard that has proven itself in thousands of applications," said Hugh Clary, Vice President of Addmaster.