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According to Raimund Wasner, Managing Director of the Rheinner Group, a leader in document systems education and consulting services, "the KV-S1025C is such a radical departure from the norm in document scanner design that it is a literal breakthrough.
Alerts notify support teams when scanners are "sick" and are in need of service.
Peacemaker automatically detects and repairs MICR quality problems commonly associated with inexpensive check scanners.
The scanner incorporates One Touch technology for eliminating multiple steps in sending scanned images to predetermined applications or devices and has the ability to automatically scan documents or ID cards into searchable PDF files.
Under the system, users seeking access to the facilities in question swipe their smart cards in front of a traditional short-wave radio frequency reader for initial authentication, then immediately apply their fingers to a fingerprint scanner for a secondary read.
High-speed scanners are forecast to have a double-digit growth rate, with a 1999-2004 compound annual growth rate of 28.
Scanners require several different software programs: a scanner driver; a scan-management program, which acts like a central control station for your work; and an OCR program to turn documents into text that can be edited.
Figures 7 and 8 show how the scanner adjusts its exposure time depending upon the color and reflectivity of the material.
With a hand-held device, you can scan pages of a bound publication, which you can't do with the PaperPort or WinFax Scanner.
Digital Check scanners are known throughout the industry for producing the highest quality check images," stated John Gainer, Digital Check executive vice president.
To this point, there are three serious vendors immersed in the relatively new pen scanner market.
For small- to mid-sized companies and larger corporate departments, the DocuMate 752 production scanner is an effective way to index a large volume of documents such as medical forms or real estate documents and import them to a content management solution or archive to a storage system.