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These catalogues are preceded by two chapters in which the author fleshes out all this material with a very detailed chronological account of the formation and development of the collection of ancient sculpture that Cesare, despite the disadvantages of poor health (he was overweight and died at 40) and scant financial resources (he occasionally had to pawn the family silver to pay for a choice piece) was able to create.
Scant research has tracked youngsters receiving mental-health treatment outside university-based programs.
To young Hirst fans eager to lap up a brand-new Britpop soundtrack of unreleased material by Pulp and Blur, and to see cult-comic Eddie Izzard as a psychiatrist in a direct tribute to Hitchcock's Spellbound, it was scant comfort that they were permitted to scrutinize the living genitals on the five actors who were part of Greenaway's room full of sound effects and fury; or that they could view ad infinitum the snapping alien ("18" certificate on film and video) springing gorily from John Hurt's stomach, part of Scott's four-monitor mishmash of movie clips and production notes.
For instance Healy's opening chapter, though raising important issues of categorization, tends towards a schematic reading of "neo-conservative" and "new" models of history, while any potted survey of deconstruction (chapter 2) or feminist criticism (chapter 7) is necessarily an exercise in selectivity -- only compounded by scant footnote references to further issues and reading.
Gingerich had previously calculated that there were scant odds of finding any other species prior to 52 or 53 million years ago.
Not too many women in these here parts, scant discussion of philosophy and impressionist paintings, and no tea sandwiches.
teens show scant knowledge of emergency contraception.
A biography eager to deplete its already diminished source materials; a biography that declares the homosexuality of its subject, but couples such declaration with a loyalty oath to the closet, pledging to imitate Barthes, his lovers, and (no doubt) his heirs in upholding the closet's high valuation on discretion; or that in classic fashion channels the author's own unease with homosexuality ("like everyone else" indeed) into bullying readers who had better be satisfied with the interest they aren't finding - such a biography inspires scant faith in either its intelligence or its integrity.
On the other hand, individuals who had reported scant motivation to enter a 12-step program remained uninspired when treatment ended and returned to their accustomed levels of alcohol and drug consumption.
Donnellan and designer Nick Ormerod staged As You Like It in a minimal white cube of a set; at first entry, all the actors wore black and white, so that colors coming later in clothes and scant props seemed precise, quasi-painterly additions.
Originally, HALOE investigators paid scant attention to the upper mesosphere; they expected it would contain too little water vapor for their instrument to detect reliably.
The anodyne account of his reappraisal of the Romantic is scant improvement over what we have come to expect from previous historical amnesia mills.