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Although the budget audit report is open to the public, there is scant information about whether remarks are accepted and to what extent.
She is an MP with one of the largest POA memberships in her constituency and she has shown scant regard for the views of the POA.
Several speakers at a recent Marsh & McLennan panel on "western" China painted a picture of a largely rural area with tremendous potential for tourism and natural resources industries, but one with relatively scant attention until recently because of infrastructure problems and poor connection with the fast-growing port cities to the east like Shanghai and Guangzhou.
Histologic examination revealed that the mass was a PLGA; it was made up of clusters of cells with predominantly round to oval nuclei, small nucleoli, and scant cytoplasm arranged in islands surrounded by a mucohyaline stroma (figure 3).
Built around the hazy tales and legends of Britannic princess Ursula in the fifth century, Ursula's Maiden Army is a reworking of the known legends and scant facts that surround the princess' maiden army of thousands who defended their homeland from invading Picts, Hibernians, and Saxons when their men did not return from their recall to the Continent, in the beginning of what would become the collapse of the Roman Empire.
When the base board members move away and their seats become vacant, there is sometimes scant interest from applicants and people are appointed because they are the only ones who have applied.
The project is estimated to cost over $200 billion, and while Moon insists that "Russian scholars and political leaders" have expressed interest in the idea, it has received scant attention in the United States.
Cavalli contrasted this excess with the scant attention to the case of Father Joseph Fessio, S.
Some cosmic ray researchers have presumed that these heavier cosmic particles also have a supernova origin, but astronomers have had scant evidence.
Although Polk County has received scant mention in other works and enjoyed a live production in October 2004, Patterson's analysis is one of a very few sustained treatments of the play as a historical document.
In your glorification of the deceased bishop of Rome, while rightly pointing out the good things he said and did, one should remember that under his reign more Catholics voluntarily left the church than at any time in history; more seminaries, convents, parishes, and Catholic schools closed; and there was scant attendance at Sunday Mass.
And scant "mercy" can be expected from the Mugabe regime.