scant respect

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With her sensitive nature all disapproval had weight, even the disapproval of those for whose opinions she had scant respect.
They, through their actions, have shown scant respect for and loyalty to the good will shown to them by supporters, club and county GAA committees and management.
To me, the Welsh law smacks of an irresponsible experiment, gambling with lives, as well as showing scant respect for the basic rights of citizens.
It is only part of the solution and not a long-term remedy because the rulers pursue individual agendas for their own interests and have scant respect for human life.
It shows scant respect for the rule of law or public sentiment," said Jagdeep Chhokar, co-founder of the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) which campaigns for better governance.
When India takes such an approach in its foreign policy it gives scant respect to its own 200 million Muslims in the country and it plays into the hands of communal elements in the country.
As an indigenous Englishman, with just a smatter of Welsh blood in my veins, why would they expect my support when my own patron saint is treated with scant respect by those who have only recently made their home in my green and pleasant land?
It also provides a ranting testimony to the fact that when it comes to its own interests, the US government shows scant respect for the very principles that it cries hoarse from every convenient roof-top to espouse and even does not hesitate to act as a bully; a behaviour inimical to the internationally accepted diplomatic norms.
The party seems so keen to retain power in Rajasthan that it showed scant respect for the norms it made in Jaipur early this year when Rahul was elevated as party vice- president and promised not to field candidates with questionable background.
In reaction, there is evidence of a resurgence of militant nationalism and identity-based parochialism that threatens the concept of unity in diversity, shows scant respect for different cultures and value systems, and other ways of life.
By Bonnie James/Deputy News Editor In a bid to enforce discipline on the large number of cyclists who pay scant respect to road safety, the Traffic Department has issued a 10-point advisory.
The Germans, who had scant respect for their Austrian allies in the first World War, liked to repeat that "In Germany the situation is serious, but not desperate; in Austria, the situation is desperate, but not serious.