scant respect

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With her sensitive nature all disapproval had weight, even the disapproval of those for whose opinions she had scant respect. For the time being life was savorless, and ambition had gone out like a snuffed candle.
Another one is the general level of respect that Cork's European wins have gained from the floating voter in Irish sport - who ordinarily would pay the eircom League scant respect.
Craig Spearman -New Zealand born but with a Welsh mother -showed scant respect for his roots with a blitzkrieg 24 that took him past 1,000 NCL runs.
My faults are many,my only virtues honesty and generosity - but then I have scant respect for money.
My criticism is that Liverpool MP's appear to treat the people of this city with very scant respect.
NEW leaders Attleborough C showed scant respect to lowly Windmill B with a comprehensive 40-shot victory in their Nuneaton Ladies Bowls League, D Division clash at Mancetter Road.
However welcome the IRA's statement may be, the security forces are sure to stay wary, partly due to the existence of various hardline splinter groups, which have demonstrated scant respect for the evolving peace process.
The Fourth Division side paid Newbridge scant respect and held an early lead through a Jonathan Mason penalty.
The parties that have scant respect for people's problems and to not care for values were shown their place by the people's court.
From the sounds that travel upwards, they seem to be moving around huge industrial-sized containers with scant respect for the durability of the metal or that of the unwilling listeners held hostage.
THE National Greyhound Racing Club has regularly been lambasted in the P ress as being controlled by dinosaur-like guardians, who have held scant respect for much that happens outside the confines of their Bonny Street offices in north west London.