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But the book, by Michael Stewart \and Mark Bramble, provides only the scantest link between one vintage song and the next.
Out of sheer expediency, Clinton has co-opted Republican ideas until the scantest differentiation remains.
Oral histories of black veterans do display such an awareness, but they are disjointed and elliptical, often containing only the scantest hints at the totality of the testifying person.
If he had paid the scantest attention to this work, he might have found that everything we know suggests the opposite of his claim.
Somewhere beneath all the bullying bluff and bluster was a decent person for sure, but it had been buried so deep by the lousy hands life had dealt him that the minute Crisi offered him the scantest praise he almost felt compelled to ruin it.
The natural questioning of perceived wisdom has to be tempered by the scantest assessment of the facts.
Despite the dominance of social service provision in Australia by nonprofit organisations since the 1820s (Dickey 1987), few studies of Australia's post World War Two "welfare state" pay them even the scantest attention.
of the implied contrast--which somehow carries only the scantest charge
This is because Martin is content to trace an important segment of that evolution with only the scantest reference to its broader cultural parameters, let alone to the far-reaching intellectual, political, and social developments taking place throughout the German-speaking countries in and around 1800.
It has taken the fight to a new level and ensures drivers have the scantest excuses for sticking with petrol power or not buying what is Britain's most popular car in its class.