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31) On the basis of Green, and a few cases like it, Simon boldly concludes (as did Ronald Dworkin, on even scantier evidence thirty years ago) that legal and judicial practice reveal the deep interdependence of justice and law.
Data from the 1983 Population Census show that the Arab elderly have scantier household equipment than the Jewish elderly and Arab households generally.
Emma'' has a scantier cast of characters than ``Pride and Prejudice,'' and the dialogue is snippier.
Dessa Rose is based on even scantier documented evidence than Styron's book.
For the twentieth century coverage is even scantier.
The eggplant was a little bitter, as if too old, and the cheese topping was scanty, in fact considerably scantier than the picture on the box indicated.
Canned fish Vehicle'sopening top 123 4 5 6 7 8 SUCCESS 9 10 Bit missing __ Stone,actress Make happy Fitting,suitable DOWN 1 SETUP 2 LIMO RUT 3 DAME 4 CAPOTE 6 TITAR 7 RED NOSE 8 OUTSIDE 13 CARTING 14 PRATTLE 16 GRIEVED 17 PARTON 19 RATED 21 ANTSY 2 AIRS 11 12 13 BY ACROSS 1 MUTILATE 5 STEY 9 HERDS 10 MERE LAD 11 LOOT 12 SCANTIER 14 PARTLY 15 HURLED 18 ACTUATOR 20 NEVE 23 TERRAIN 24 CARES 25 DEER 26 ETERNITY Ladder rung Joustingweapon Outing 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 SEEING 2 Drivers' short cut (3,3) That bloke's Benefit,service 23 24 Curtain-trackcover 25 26 THE LETTERBOX Complete the grid so that four words read across and a different four words read downwards using only the KRISS KROSS Can you fit the listed words back into the grid?
Declining memory, can't remember why you've gone into a room, hot flushes, periods becoming much scantier.
Pointing to a row of somewhat scantier scallion shoots, she said that group would not make the grade for the Hmong's trip to market that week.
In view of that, it can be argued that the last period scrutinized witnessed even more stringent limitation and even scantier appearance of the -th ending.
Due to space limitations, I have omitted discussing evidence from the Mah[bar{a}]bh[bar{a}]syad[bar{i}]pik[bar{a]] which, though understandably scantier than the evidence from the V[bar{a}]kyapad[bar{i]]ya and its Vrtti nevertheless is in harmony with it.
Your periods have been getting scantier, you have lost a lot of weight, in fact you are dieting obsessively and are below your ideal weight.