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Can anyone help with even the scantiest information?
As with all matters of policy, the devil is in the details, and Lester gives us only the scantiest outlines of what the new economic citizenship might look like.
The new dinky sized tins mean it can be concealed in even the most scantiest of clothing so it is close to hand.
By itself, this is hardly an edition at all, for the facsimile has only the scantiest of introductions.
People's wages are so low, they can only hope to cover the scantiest of their basic needs: Tortillas with salt, that is what people eat" she said.
To apply such a method of conclusion by analogy is, of course, always problematic; but what can be done, when there is only the scantiest of information available?
Heroes are created by popular demand, sometimes out of the scantiest materials," wrote Gerald White Johnson in his 1943 book, American Heroes and Hero Worship, ".
There is, for example, only the scantiest of scant documentation extant from the Wilde-Gray, the Sherard-Gray, or the Louys-Gray correspondence (p.
Some of the girls wore the scantiest of costumes, fishnet tights, thigh boots and head-dresses that could have come straight from a floorshow in Vegas (Prince Philip seemed to perk up at this bit).