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Whatever be the soil, climate, or extent of territory of any particular nation, the abundance or scantiness of its annual supply must, in that particular situation, depend upon those two circumstances.
Under former heaven causes, Wang lists systemic yin vacuity with fluid and humor depletion and scantiness and systemic yang vacuity with inability to move water.
Appearing a few weeks later in the Sydney Gazette, with his customary apology for the 'exceeding scantiness of my knowledge of their language', the untranslated 'Songs' stand out starkly amidst the dense columns of colonial news.
While some of these sites are serious and open to improvement, the major deficiency of all the Arab environmental sites is their lack of interaction with the public and the paucity of users reflected in the scantiness of comments, and failure to attract "chatters.
It was the scantiness of the Lord's loincloth which offended the Reverend Fathers, although I myself have seen scantier ones in seventeenth-century Mexican churches.
Finally, a bottom section offers Anya's own narrative, in which she reflects on Senior C, who hires her to be the typist of his "Strong Opinions" manuscript (though he seems far more interested in the scantiness of her clothing than her lamentable typing skills).
The formation of historical judgments lags behind that of physical judgments not only because of greater complexity and scantiness of the data, but also because to a large extent historians have not developed the habit of stating to themselves and to the public the systematic conceptual structures which they employ in organizing their data to anything like the extent in which physical inquirers expose their conceptual framework.
He was aware of Liam O'Flaherty's simplified typology in A Tourist's Guide to Ireland (1929)--priests, peasants, publicans, and politicians--for in 'The Whores on the Halfdoors' (1966) he comments on its scantiness.
Are the drilldowns notable for their scantiness or their abundance?
The distribution of the bones from the pits is irregular, probably caused by the scantiness of the material--the pits provided only 236 determinable bone fragments.
Scantiness of phytoplankton in the north-western part is evidently related to insufficiency of nutrients.
Main obstacles to the use of paid downloading are prices, scantiness of catalogue content and no possibility of listening to/viewing content before downloading.