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I wonder if she would go as far to suggest that she does not want men who enjoy looking at pictures of scantly dressed ladies in newspapers such as the Sun voting Labour?
At the same time, Safranek and company wanted to avoid the trap that many new schools fall into; because they're strapped for cash, they end up with scantly stocked libraries, second-rate faculty, and middling students.
For example, research and reference to this topic is scantly addressed in social work textbooks and in social work peer-reviewed journals.
The public discussion and media coverage in ICTs is focused on economic issues and firm performance while social dimensions or technological risks are rather scantly communicated.
These islands have small, scantly developed levees and are continued downstream by extensive sediment banks that are only exposed during the lowest flow periods of the de la Plata river.
They are flesh scantly clad in timber, and a river runs between them.
Tarrant offers only a few scantly described connections between postwar thinkers and specific Second Wave feminists or theories involving sex and gender.
For his sister Paolina, sculpted by Canova in Rome in 1805 as a scantly draped Venus who offers herself to the viewer like an odalisque, perhaps vanity took precedence over propriety.
Kirsch rescues from dusty archives the names of the important cricket teams (or rather clubs), their lineups, their statistics, and wonderfully vivid accounts of critical cricket matches that help provide a contemporary American audience scantly familiar with the game a sense of its excitement, its attraction.
Imagine a worship service with a half-time break right after the offertory complete with scantly clad women leading liturgical cheers.
Most of us survived on MREs for days, as there were only a few scantly stocked grocery stores open and no open restaurants.
Despite these advantages, the human rights framework is scantly in use among U.