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Bunny girls with cute ears and little fluffy tails offered nibbles, while scantly clad playgirls circled the club.
The curious eye of a quick-brain'd survey 30 Could scantly find a mote amidst the sun
The crowded Scene at a Well by his uncle Salomon (who preferred the older surname, Ruysdael) is imaginatively emptier than Salomon's scantly populated river-scenes.
Each essay stands as a desert island scantly linked to the others.
The famous US restaurant, notorious for scantly dressed waitresses wearing tops the size of your toe, fails to impress highly strung Lauren.
Public Security is a topic that has been scantly addressed within the scope of Brazilian public health, although the rates of crime and violence in general are alarming and increasingly demand knowledge management, including knowledge of these workers about health, striving to find the best match possible between their working conditions and their quality of life.
Furthermore, domestic sanctions on employers of undocumented workers and deportation of these workers were scantly enforced.
It is seen that the tax incentives allowed to mutual funds and VPS has contributed scantly in boosting savings and economic growth.
And the American pair are unlikely to be impressed that such a major transfer investment is being so scantly used.
New York, April 19 (ANI): Actress Jennifer Aniston will be seen scantly dressed in her first new perfume ad.
Even if his priorities this season lie elsewhere, any notions that this is a trophy scantly regarded by Ferguson have long since been dispelled.
The participant students charged that scantly clad heroines and models have adverse effects on the entire society as such there should be a ban on telecast and screening of such figures including printing them for publicity purposes.