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The situation has worsened as the region has received scanty rainfall so far.
According to the scanty information got, the pilot of the training aircraft, a TB-9 aircraft was able to successfully force-land the aircraft about 7 nautical miles North West of Kaduna airport on Friday.
"Today, the share of online sales of insurance policies in the country is scanty and barely reaches 5 percent.
Data on prevalence of asymptomatic hypoparathyroidism are also scanty.
Details are still scanty but the Star understands that the three leaders discussed various issues affecting the country.
He has played four Test scoring just 99 runs at a meagre average of 12.37; 16 ODIs making just 271 runs at a scanty 18.06.
Scanty rainfall and salt-laden winds at the Karachi coast make it difficult for the trees to survive, he said.
The traffic on the roads was also scanty in the Federal Capital.
KARACHI -- Scanty showers in parts of Karachi Monday afternoon dipped slightly the soaring temperature ranged between 35 degrees to 37 degrees C.
Two cows were presented with history of anorexia, recurrent tympany, passing of scanty dung since last five days.
" The water bodies in Aravalli generally dry up in June, but as the temperature continuously hovers around the 40- degree mark, the water pits have scanty water.
1 Villagers in Devon got their knickers in a twist when young mum Rozamund Perrin hung her scanty undies on the line.