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If food was scanty, we regaled ourselves with the hope of soon falling in with herds of buffalo, and having nothing to do but slay and eat.
I picked up my rifle and strolled in the direction of the brook, leaving my friends to lay out the scanty breakfast.
Behind him came the two surviving Indians with our scanty possessions upon their backs.
This, although reall enough for reasonable men, was, after a hard day's march rather scanty food: a light stomach and an easy digestio are good things to talk about, but very unpleasant in practice
The non availability of a diversified power generation system is the reason why the country experiences power shortages during scanty rainfall.
Idea is to also involve inhabitants of the surrounding villages to conserve underground water resources that are already quite scanty, said an official.
3 million, over a three-year period, to any private or public entity in the world that will find innovative solutions to the problem of scanty rainfall.
According to scanty available details, this incident of double homicide is reported to have come to pass in Sardarabad area of the city located in insurgencystricken Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.
Faizabad (Uttar Pradesh), July 19 ( ANI ): Poor monsoon and scanty rains cause distress among farmers in Faizabad city of Uttar Pradesh as they feared a drought- like situation.
It has been deficient in and scanty in 10 subdivisions.
Here's hoping these scanty thongs don't catch on in Ireland - I don't think I'd have the stomach for it.
BAGHDAD / NINA / MP, of the State of Law coalition, Hanan al-Fatlawi said, "our coalition is not going to be part of a scanty play, led by al-Nujaifi to delay the state budget.