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In my dilemma I had recourse to this Heintze, who was a young scapegrace, and the sort of man who could speak and write three languages.
Bluck, the neglected young pupil of three-and-twenty from the agricultural district, and that idle young scapegrace of a Master Todd before mentioned, received little eighteen-penny books, with "Athene" engraved on them, and a pompous Latin inscription from the professor to his young friends.
My better knowledge of his circumstances, and my direction and advice in extricating them - rather valuable, I hope, as coming from a scapegrace on a much larger scale - will give me some influence over him, and all I gain I shall certainly use towards this end.
You've grown bigger and bonnier, but you are the same scapegrace as ever."
The scapegraces and vagabonds who could well have been spared, but the very flower of the race, young well born.
Strangers arriving in the City are continually annoyed by the lazy scapegraces who make a business of hawking about obscene publications, and indecent pictures.