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However, it did prevent functional, relevant stenosis of the FSOT by scar tissue in 15 of the 21 sinuses.
As the scar tissue breaks up, the damaged area of the liver is repaired by the body.
The blast engulfed his head and hands, and the scar tissue that grew from his burns constricted his face and left his hands gnarled.
When wrapped around an injured blood vessel, Vascugel[TM] endothelial cells provide growth regulatory compounds to the underlying blood vessel, promoting a natural healing process and preventing excessive scar tissue formation, inflammation and thrombosis.
Yet nearly half of them have another angioplasty or even bypass surgery because their arteries either clog again or narrow due to scar tissue formation (SN: 6/14/97, p.
Such an approach has significant clinical potential to reduce or eliminate inappropriate scar tissue in various organ systems.
Grossman said he wants to trim the scar tissue from Denis' face and graft on skin from his leg, which is more elastic and will allow him more normal expressions and movement.
Creating troughs indeed improves eyesight, but these areas tend to fill in with scar tissue.
The disease is linked to erectile dysfunction in 20 to 40 percent of the sufferers and is characterized by the formation of a plaque or hardened scar tissue beneath the skin of a man's penis.
Doctors hoped to minimize the problem by removing bone fragments and scar tissue.
Earlier research linked betel nut chewing to a buildup of scar tissue under the mucus membrane, a precancerous condition.
All these actions are meant to minimize heart muscle damage and subsequent scar tissue formation, while promoting the healing process.