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Clark, 263) Quite early, in 1853, in the chapter on "The Nature of Gothic" in The Stones of Venice, he had accused his contemporary society for badly treating its working class, subject to a process of alienation and dehumanization, and in his 1854 pamphlet On the Opening of the Crystal Palace, he tempestuously associated the glitter and lavishness of a party in the world of the rich with the scarceness of a working class dinner.
He pointed out that the greatest challenge facing the health services in the Sultanate is the traffic related casualties, in addition to the scarceness of medical outputs, adding that health institutions suffers shortages in pharmacology, dentistry and the private sector suffers the same problem in medical outputs.
Thesis 4 reveals that a general scarceness in supply of rare earths will not prevail until 2016, instead of that a mixture of oversupply and undersupply can be expected.
The scarceness of these taxa could result from these prey types being more difficult for nestlings to digest or could have greater handling times, thus decreasing their caloric value (Emlen 1966, Pinkowski 1978).
The scarceness of research focusing on HDRSC issues encouraged us to develop a suggested research agenda by using a two-stage expert-led approach.
Secondly, the cost of definitive, large cohort size RCTs is a major cause for their scarceness.
It is important to recognize that the NCS program must always take into account the many constraints it faces, including scarceness of program resources, sensitivity to the burden faced by its voluntary respondents, and limitations on the extent to which respondents are able to retrieve accurate answers.