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Beds become scarce and funding for food becomes even scarcer.
The market supported around a third of all lending and the lower volumes now available have made mortgages scarcer and more expensive, adding to the slump in property prices over the past 18 months.
As oil becomes scarcer and prices rise, high accuracy of transfer measurement is extremely important.
As good quality water becomes scarcer and more expensive, the process industries, power plants and, increasingly, ships and offshore platforms need to make more use of inexpensive secondary cooling water.
In the age of two-income households, time for housecleaning is scarcer than ever, and Americans are looking for cleaning products that are quick and easy to use.
He has been east as the scarecrow in "The Wizard of OZ," which opens next Tuesday at the Old Rep, Station Street, and decided to model himself on John's bird scarcer.
It will help conserve petroleum resources, as they become even scarcer in the future, and simultaneously reduce climate damaging emissions.
Also, dayshift nurses in the hospital where my fiancee works start two hours earlier and finish two hours later than administrators who usually work 9-5, so public transport is scarcer.
Despite the increasing demand for cullet from the container and insulation industries, usable cullet is becoming scarcer, as curbside recycling programs are under increasing pressure from municipal budget constraints.
It's just that the cost of land and homes in certain areas has gone through the roof, mainly because zoning and other land use restrictions have made usable land scarcer.
Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, has grown rapidly in recent years, making space for new homes and workplaces scarcer.
The company said the problem is that Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, has grown rapidly in recent years, while space has become scarcer.