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The Scarecrow came down from his throne and rolled an armchair to a position behind the Pumpkinhead.
You seem hastily made," remarked the Scarecrow, watching Jack's efforts to straighten himself.
There is this difference between us," said the Scarecrow, "that whereas I will bend, but not break, you will break, but not bend.
And doubtless she is right, sir," answered the Scarecrow.
This instrument the Scarecrow, when alone, could turn to amuse himself, as he was very fond of music.
The second story contained a fine banquet room, where the Scarecrow might entertain his guests, and the three stories above that were bed-chambers exquisitely furnished and decorated.
Scraps and the Scarecrow both finished their hasty toilets at the same time, and again they faced each other.
Allow me, Miss Patchwork," said the Shaggy Man, "to present my friend, the Right Royal Scarecrow of Oz.
I felt sad at this, for it showed I was not such a good Scarecrow after all; but the old crow comforted me, saying,
If this road goes in, it must come out," said the Scarecrow, "and as the Emerald City is at the other end of the road, we must go wherever it leads us.
While they were gone Ozma's followers remained in the drawing-room, and the Scarecrow was leaning against a form that he had mistaken for a copper statue when a harsh, metallic voice said suddenly in his ear:
Because you have no brains, as I have," said the Scarecrow.