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For years it may have suited other parties and certain members of the media to tarnish UKIP with accusations of "xenophobia" or "racism" in order to scaremonger among potential voters.
11) about how Cleveland Police are below budget this year and how crime has been reduced by 9%, It just goes to show that even though the Labour Party will scaremonger and state that cuts in police budgets will result in higher crime, this is completely incorrect in Cleveland.
Now Tony Blair and John Reid have introduced draconian and impractical security checks for such an extended period to scaremonger the British people into hating Muslims even more.
Whoever is starting them, and I've a good idea who it might be as there does seem to be a link, is simply being a malicious, horrible scaremonger.
Managing director, James Wilkes, comments, "While we welcome the introduction of the ISPS Code, we are concerned that awareness is still too low and, without wanting to scaremonger, there is potential for chaos simply borne out of confusion and a lack of real knowledge.
And in a provocative attack on Brown, she added: "I think one of the really quite despicable things the No campaign do is to try to scaremonger on people's pension when there is no reason or basis for the things that they are saying.
Somehow I do not think that 49 (yes, forty-nine) people are indicative of the general population amongst this social class and this is just another 'nanny-state' initiative to scaremonger.
David Cameron has already given a commitment to the elderly as to retaining their free bus travel for the foreseeable future, but people do like to scaremonger.
magazine as a grossly irresponsible scaremonger for its recent allegations on the dating of chicken.
It really is sad that an opposition member of the ITA does not take the opportunity to raise issues at the scheduled meetings where he can get a relevant explanation rather than seemingly scaremonger through the pages of your newspaper.
I don't want to scaremonger but things like sexual assault and drinkspiking do go on here.
NOW the Labour Party is in opposition, there will be no depths to the levels it will sink in a desperate attempt to scaremonger and frighten voters across Merseyside.