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Whoever is starting them, and I've a good idea who it might be as there does seem to be a link, is simply being a malicious, horrible scaremonger.
Attempts by Labor and the CPSU to scaremonger as a negative for consumers shows their focus is on politics over patients.
AN independent review of terror laws has exposed Home Secretary Theresa May as a scaremonger.
Tell me, am I a scaremonger or one with vision of the future which is no longer bright?
Scottish Labour health spokesman Neil Findlay said: "The SNP scaremonger about the privatisation of the NHS in the event of a No vote while all the time they are handing out contracts to the private sector.
For years it may have suited other parties and certain members of the media to tarnish UKIP with accusations of "xenophobia" or "racism" in order to scaremonger among potential voters.
And in a provocative attack on Brown, she added: "I think one of the really quite despicable things the No campaign do is to try to scaremonger on people's pension when there is no reason or basis for the things that they are saying.
NOW the Labour Party is in opposition, there will be no depths to the levels it will sink in a desperate attempt to scaremonger and frighten voters across Merseyside.
And while there is nervousness and anger about the plans, there is also a responsibility to deal in facts - and not to scaremonger.
Coun Alden is either very poorly advised or is trying to scaremonger local residents over the issue of NHS dental treatment in Harborne.
HERE are a few scaremonger myths on leaving the EU.
I don't want to scaremonger but things like sexual assault and drinkspiking do go on here.