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Probably, the chemical scarification treatment associated with the coating material and coating layer, allowed a better mechanical barrier disruption and, therefore, a significant increase in germinative index in encrusted seeds.
The artist has adorned the gallery walls in artisanal wallpaper designs and the ceiling with copper sheets, both embellished with ritual scarifications, while the windows are filled with a delicate display of copper flower pots--not only an ironic nod to a Belgian bourgeois custom maintained within its colonies, but a critique of the exploitation of Congolese copper mines by its former colonial power.
The resulting half-sib families were called (1) families NJ and NR, obtained by mating dam N with the two sires J and R using natural spawning procedures, and (2) families C1 and B1, obtained by mating dams C and B with sire number 1 using the gonad scarification procedure (Fig.
Exploring their heritage through body adornment was the theme behind Griffiths's research project with a group from the Centre that encouraged the artists to explore their rich traditions of body marking or scarification by taking them to Brisbane to search the archives of the Queensland State Library.
Nevertheless, different treatments such us scarification, stratification and addition of different chemical substances are commonly used to promote germination and break dormancy in several species [5,6].
He reported a needle stick in his left thumb had occurred on November 17 while he was inoculating a mouse by scarification with VACV.
There are many techniques used to break seed dormancy and thus improve seedling quality; among these, the physical scarification with sandpaper and soaking water is a simple and safe technique which makes possible good results for breaking dormancy in many species (BRASIL, 2009).
These hard seeds must be mechanically scarified, or go through a grazing animal's digestive tract for chemical scarification, or they will not germinate.
As well as Complete Lawn Service's bespoke packages they also offer treatment for disease, moss control, over seeding, aeration, top dressing and of course scarification.