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You'll see tribal scarification, spear-wielding villagers out to hunt impala and fishermen in dugout canoes.
L'incision et la scarification : risque d'elargir la surface de diffusion du venin avec risque d'infection.
Fowler Museum's Marla Berns, an expert on this region, was on hand to explain that the decorations on female pots represented scarification patterns that women invariably have on their bellies, while men were often represented carrying tools or weapons.
She covers identification and harvesting methods; drying and storing; scarification and stratification techniques; how to raise garden plants from seeds indoors, outdoors, and in special protective containers during the winter; how to nurture sprouts into healthy plants, transplant them, and protect them from harsh conditions and critters; how to cross-breed to create new hybrids and label and identify plants and seeds; and how to create a gardening journal, share seed-saving and sowing knowledge with others, and share or sell excess seeds.
Body Art: A Comprehensive Guidebook and Model Code offers a rare look into the world of tattooing, body piercing, scarification, and branding.
The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health in Wales said it believed new rules should be introduced to cover all forms of body modification, including piercing, cosmetic fillers and the extreme practice of scarification.
September is the time for scarification - raking to remove mosses and thatch, spiking and aerating to relieve compaction - and, essential for the luscious lawn, top dressing using a sand, peat and loam mix.
Since the 1970s, a variety of experimental techniques including ground scarification, direct seeding, and planting seedlings in various patterns, have met variable success in restoring Kirthland's warbler habitat.
On the programme Grainne also observes even more extreme forms of body modification such as scarification - in which a design is cut directly into the skin.
Results are varied, but even acid and mechanical scarification treatments have not promoted better germination for species such as Opuntia rastrera (Mandujano et al.