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The easiest way to scarify is to use a springbok rake and to drag it across the lawn quite firmly.
Continue to scarify lawns with a rake to remove all debris, including moss.
Scarify and aerate established lawns and top dress with garden soil ?
Khalid Khawaja has embraced Shahadat and Almighty Allah may accept his scarify, Shamila told a private TV channel on Friday.
Scarify your lawn using a spring-tine rake to remove moss and thatch.
Q Last year I applied feed and weed with moss killer to my lawn but I was not able to scarify the grass.
As the weather warms up, rake and scarify lawns to remove debris including moss.
Scarify and spike the lawn, and throw away the 'bits'.
Could you please tell me the best time to scarify a lawn - the beginning of the growing season or towards the end?
The traditional remedy is to scarify your lawn to remove the moss and thatch (dead grass) and then feed with a proprietary spring fertiliser, you may also need to over sow with appropriate grass seed where necessary.