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Rake and scarify lawns to remove thatch, moss and other debris.
The Baloch took oath of loyalty for Pakistan and expressed their resolve to scarify their lives in the line of duty.
If you decide to scarify or rake the dead moss it will need wet warm weather to recover.
Scarify lawns with a spring-tine rake to remove debris and moss
He continued, "the Iranian delegation will never scarify national interests and preciseness for speed in agreement.
Scarify to remove all the dead grass that accumulates at ground level (the thatch).
All lawns need good drainage and oxygenation, so scarify it with a spring-tine rake to remove thatch - dead grass that mats beneath growing grass - and moss.
The mottled seeds had a harder seed coat and were more difficult to scarify than uniform seeds.
KARACHI -- Promising that Pakistan army would extends its full support to the law enforcers, the Corps Commander Karachi Lieutenant General Naveed Mukhtar on Saturday said that army will leave no stone unturned and continue to scarify their lives for eliminating the menace of terrorism from Karachi.