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We will be awarding a contract to purchase a single scarifying unit, comprising of an 8 wheel drive forest machine prime mover fitted with a dual disc trencher.
Scarifying your lawn removes the layer of dead grass and grass clippings that will have built up during the summer and which can choke new growth in the spring.
Only this week I have seen examples of gardeners following advice that at this time of the year they should be scarifying their lawns.
Electronic scarecrows emit scarifying noises to keep birds away from airplanes on takeoff and final approach, and incidentally from preying on rabbits.
Tenders are invited for Heavy Duty Floor Scrubbing And Scarifying Machine Model Trilosrub Of Clean Floor Make Or Its Similar With One Set Of Scrubbing Brushes And One Set Of Heavy Duty Scarifying Brushes 03 Nos/ Set.
Walk your lawn first, looking and observing, picking up any debris, before giving it a good scarifying.
Once you have finished scarifying, the chances are your lawn will look a lot worse than it did when you started - appearing quite thin and moth-eaten.
Tenders are invited for Scarifying, depression filling laying WBM, 20mm thick mixseal carpeting etc.
Scarifying means removing all the old debris and what we technically call thatch, which is really rotting vegetation, between the blades of the grass.
Scarifying or very brisk raking of the lawn also helps to revitalise it.