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The first symptoms of scarlet fever include a sore throat and fever which may be accompanied by a headache, nausea and vomiting.
In response to the continued high levels of scarlet fever, PHE has published new public health management guidance to support schools, nurseries and local authorities control outbreaks of the disease.
Scarlet fever usually follows a sore throat or skin infection and is most common between the ages of two and eight.
Scarlet fever is mainly a childhood disease and is most common between the ages of two and eight years.
Nationally, the number of scarlet fever cases reported in England this winter is more than double the average for the past 10 years (3,548 compared to 1,420).
In China, scarlet fever is the only GAS disease reported by the National Notifiable Infectious Disease Surveillance System (NNIDSS) (21).
In the "Little House" series, the family believed scarlet fever was to blame for making Mary blind.
4, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- In the beloved American stories of the Little House on the Prairie, author Laura Ingalls Wilder writes emotionally about how scarlet fever robs her big sister Mary of her sight.
Mahler wrote his Songs of the Earth the year his daughter died of scarlet fever and diphtheria, the year the doctor handed him his own death-diagnosis.
One year, our family was quarantined because of scarlet fever.
At four, he was quarantined for months with scarlet fever.
A second major family of antibiotics--the sulfa drugs--also began around the same time to knock out formerly lethal or intractable infections, from tuberculosis to meningitis and scarlet fever.