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She seemed to be thinking out some scathing retort, but ended by only shrugging her shoulders slightly.
Summary: Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Awad Asiri said Monday Saudi-Lebanese relations would not be affected by Hezbollah's scathing diatribe against the kingdom over the Gulf nation's military intervention in Yemen.
I need a squeeze a day, instead of this negligee" Fresh from giving her scathing opinions on politics and the UK tax system, that modern philosopher Cheryl Fernandez-Versini shared her thoughts on the connection between singing and sex, saying: "Sexy and all that is great but you shouldn't have to sexualize yourself to be selling music.
And he is scathing about "fnd he is scathing about "fake fans" who accost him "fake fans" who accost him with memoribilia to sign to line their own pockets.
SCATHING And in a further blow to Coaltion unity, Mr Clegg will today accuse the Prime Minister of jeopardising economic recovery by "flirting with European Union exit".
The Anglo tapes outline how, despite the fact that its own external adviser Merrill Scathing.
Summary: Islamabad: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insf (PTI) chief Imran Khan received scathing criticism from women parliamentarians belonging to .
Summary: Bosses at the Football Association have launched a scathing attack on those responsible for racially abusing Ashley Young and Ashley Cole online.
In a scathing new ad set to air in Michigan, Ron Paul attacks GOP front-runner-of-the-moment Rick Santorum for not being fiscally conservative.
CDATA[ Michael Steinhardt, one of world Jewrys most philanthropic benefactors, delivered a scathing criticism of modern Jewish leadership.
During informal conversation this engineer was absolutely scathing of politicians interfering with energy policies.
The aftermatch phone-in to Radio Leeds by the so-called supporters was unbelievable, the scathing comments and negativity by the callers was beyond belief.